Exfoliating Skin Peels


Skin Peels apply specialized acid and enzyme solutions to remove damaged layers of cells from the skin’s outer surface which reveal a more glowing, youthful skin.

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Laser Gals in Yuma, exclusively uses Rhonda Allison skin peels, which removes cellular buildup and stimulates skin regeneration, revealing visible improvements. This is including reduced wrinkles and fine lines, pore size, oil production, and the appearance of blemishes, as well as improved texture, tone and hydration for a more vibrant appearance. Skin peels may be especially beneficial in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, sun damage, and photo aging.

A skin peel, also known as a chemical peel, is a science-based treatment that, when properly administered, offers one of the most powerful non-surgical skin improvements available. It involves the application of highly specialized acid and enzyme solutions to remove damaged layers of cells from the skin’s outer surface – revealing more glowing, youthful skin.

When you select Rhonda Allison, an exclusive product at Laser Gals in Yuma, for skin peels, you’re choosing a research leader with more that 35 years of skin care success. Formulated using the science of chirality for optimum efficacy, Rhonda Allison skin peels feature only the purest, highest grade ingredients for maximum results that are naturally scientific.


A progressive skin peel is the mildest course of treatment, removing only the outer layer of the stratum corneum with no visible peeling. Repeated treatments on a regular schedule, up to once and week, will cause mild exfoliation of the skin with cumulative effects. This is best described as a mild, yet refining, peel.


A mid-depth skin peel targets the intra-epidermal layer, skin exfoliation occurs within two to three days of treatment. Light flaking may occur, similar to a sunburn peel. May be administered every four to six weeks as needed. A min-depth peel can offer rejuvenating effects with minimal to no down time.


A deep skin peel reaches the deepest intro-epidermal layers where skin peels in large segments. Skin becomes brown and crusted prior to considerable peeling, occurring three to four days after application. The typical recovery period lasts seven to ten days, with treatment allowed us to twice per year. A deep peel restores and renews skin with the most dramatic results.

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CHOOSING A PEEL | Specialized Treatment

Laser Gals offers highly specialized skin care solution – and skin peels are no exception. Our trained skin care professional will assess your needs to determine the most beneficial skin peel formulation, application technique, and post peel regimen. A variety of Rhonda Allison skin peels are available at three fundamental levels: PROGRESSIVE | MID-DEPTH | DEEP.  Laser Gals offers: PRE-TREATMENT | POST PEEL | DAILY HOME CARE Regimens & Systems.

Due to the high level of skin exfoliation associated with skin peels, our clients at Laser Gals may expect some discomfort following treatment. While a majority of clients describe any discomfort as very manageable, experiences may vary depending on the type of skin peel administered and an individual’s pain tolerance. Most clients agree that any discomfort is offset by the dramatic improvements attained in the skin appearance.

Our skin care professionals, at Laser Gals, will give you specific instructions to follow after your procedure – this course is as important to successful results as the peel itself. Post Care treatment will include occlusive healing balms, epidermal growth factor for cell renewal and would repair, calming topicals to reduce itching and inflammation and, of course, sunscreen. Like all Rhonda Allison formulations, post care products are free of dyes, fragrances, and additives.

After skin had healed, daily skin care is essential to maintaining results. One of our skin care professionals at Laser Gals will recommend a daily cleanser and sunblock in addition to a supportive cell rejuvenator. Additional specialty products, such as pumice and buffing washes, antioxidants, eye serums, night moisturizers, AHAs, ascorbic acid, retinol, enzymes, masks, and topical correctives may be prescribed based on your individual needs.

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Rhonda Allison skin peels can be a successful part of any healthy person’s skin program. To learn more about a specific treatment path for your unique requirements, please contact your specialty-trained skin care professionals at Laser Gals in Yuma, Arizona.

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