RA Growth Factor Serum 15ml


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Visible renew for dry skin. Excellent for post care after peels and microneedling.

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Growth Factor Serum contains a higher concentrate of Epidermal Growth Factor and provides a silky sensation as it is massaged into the skin. The additional antioxidants and essential oils boost up the nutrient support. Growth Factor Serum expedites healthy tissue regrowth and balances moisture content for drier skin types, while protecting from free-radical damage. The intensified antioxidant profile provides ultimate protection from cellular degradation while nourishing the skin with vital phytochemicals that normalize the skin. Growth Factor Serum is a must after any peeling treatment.
Skin Type
All Skin Types – Photo-Aged, Dehydrated, Acne, Traumatized, Wounded
Recommended Use
Apply 2 to 3 pumps of product daily, morning and/or night, after cleansing methods. If exfoliation is performed, apply after exfoliation is complete. Continue with recommended regimen.