RA Chronopeptide A


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Rhonda Allison’s ChronoPeptide A offers 24 hour pro-youth benefits that perform beyond expectation, promoting firmer, brighter-looking skin, more toned skin and powerful rejuvenation. Using a new chrono-peptide, this potent retinal serum mimics sun exposure activation, triggering the circadian genes to optimize physiological activities. ChronoPeptideA also uses retinaldehyde, a stable, less irritating precursor to retinoic acid, to bring about impressive benefits, making it great for all skin types – including photo-aged, blemish-prone and sensitive skin.
Apply serum to clean, dry skin every evening or 2 -3 times a week depending on skin type.  Let absorb and remain on skin.  May cause mild exfoliation.  Wear SPF 30 protection during the day.  Do not get in eyes.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs.