RA Beta Green Tea Lotion 120ml


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Beta Green Tea Lotion helps balance oil on skin and is benefitable for acne-prone skin.

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Beta Green Tea Lotion is an ideal all-purpose skin toner to balance the appearance of oil, provide antioxidant support and offer purifying benefits. Valuable for many skin regimens, this antioxidant-salicylic toner is especially beneficial for normal to rosacea-prone, reactive, sensitive, problematic skin.

After skin has been thoroughly cleansed with Beta Green Tea Cleanser, pat skin dry. Spritz Beta Green Tea Lotion onto 2×2 gauze and smooth into skin with firm, even pressure. This product does not pour! Let absorb and remain on skin. If there is any oil residue on gauze, apply a second time with firm pressure. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.